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Endeavor Nigeria presents Catalysing Conversations, our annual scaleup entrepreneurship forum, focused on themes of innovation, high-growth company dynamics, high-impact entrepreneurship and entrepreneur-led economic development.

Our aim is to spread the mission of high-impact entrepreneurship, illustrating why entrepreneurs that Think Big, Scale Up and Pay-It-Forward are critical for long-term economic transformation. By driving a culture of entrepreneurial leadership and inspiring a generation of high-impact entrepreneurs in Nigeria, we hope to help catalyse the important powerful multiplier effects that shift economies from the ground up.

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Yemi Osinbajo (SAN, GCON)

Chair, Catalysing Conversations 2019
Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Babajide Sanwo-Olu

Special Guest, Catalysing Conversations 2019 Governor of Lagos State


Atedo Peterside (CON)

Founder & Chairman, Anap Business Jets
Chairman, Endeavor Nigeria

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Efosa Ojomo

Guest Speaker
Global Prosperity Lead, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

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Anders Einarsson

CEO, Promasidor
Endeavor Mentor

Bukky George_edited.jpg

Bukky George

Founder & CEO, HealthPlus
Endeavor Entrepreneur


Chika Nwobi

Founder & CEO, Decagon
Venture Partner, Rise Capital

Eloho Gihan-Mbelu by Rebecca Nwose_edite

Eloho Gihan-Mbelu

Managing Director & CEO, Endeavor Nigeria

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Etop Ikpe

Founder & CEO, Cars45
Endeavor Entrepreneur

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Olugbenga "GB" Agboola

Co-Founder & CEO, Flutterwave
Endeavor Entrepreneur

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Kene Okwuosa

Co-Founder & CEO, FilmHouse
Endeavor Entrepreneur


The Event

Dynamic TED-style talks and intimate fireside chats on innovation and high-impact entrepreneurship, hosted by Atedo N.A. Peterside (CON) and other members of the Board of Endeavor Nigeria.

Endeavor Nigeria is thrilled to announce the launch of Catalysing Conversations, our annual scaleup forum, on Friday September 13, 2019, in Lagos. 

Once a year, Catalysing Conversations will bring together Nigeria’s most exciting high-impact entrepreneurs, influential business leaders and forward-thinking policy-makers for inspiration, learning and networking to explore themes of high-impact entrepreneurship, innovation, high-growth companies and entrepreneur-led economic development. 

In 2019, Catalysing Conversations will feature Efosa Ojomo as Guest Speaker. Efosa is an author and international speaker, and the Global Prosperity Lead at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Along with Professor Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business School's Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration and author of 12 best-selling books, including New York Times Bestseller, 'How Will You Measure Your Life?'), Efosa recently co-authored his ground-breaking and best-selling book, 'The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty'.

Drawing from business theories and insights explored in the book, Mr. Ojomo will illustrate the transformative power of market-creating innovations (distinct from other kinds of innovation in entrepreneurship). Citing successful and pioneering examples from countries as diverse as the USA, Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, India, Argentina and Mexico, and using a compelling mix of business history, development economics and storytelling, chart an entrepreneurship-led path to Nigeria's economic development and prosperity. 

Catalysing Conversations will also feature four inspiring Endeavor Entrepreneurs - bold founders that are leading some of the most exciting high-growth scaleup companies in Nigeria and building our country’s future large companies. Drawn from Endeavor's diligently-selected, global network of over 1,900 high-impact founders, Bukky George (HealthPlus), Etop Ikpe (Cars45), GB Agboola (Flutterwave) and Kene Okwuosa (FilmHouse) will share compelling and candid journey stories of the triumphs and challenges of navigating scaleup company growth in Nigeria, as well as their visions, to not only Go Big, but to Pay-It-Forward for the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs.

Catalysing Conversations
Sep 13, 2019, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
External Ballroom, Federal Palace Hotel,
6-8 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria



9:00 AM

Registration Opens

Arrivals and event registration
Light breakfast will be served, guests should aim to be seated by 9.50 AM

10:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

The Magic of High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Eloho Omame (Managing Director, Endeavor Nigeria)

10:15 AM

TED-Style Talk

Why Bold Entrepreneurship is the Key to Nigeria's Prosperity

Efosa Ojomo (Co-Author, The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty) & Global Prosperity Lead, Clayton Christen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

10:30 AM

Fireside Chat

Market-Creating Innovations: Insights, Learnings and Implications for Nigeria's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Efosa Ojomo in conversation with Chika Nwobi (Founder & CEO, Decagon. Venture Partner, Rise Capital)

10:50 AM

Guests should aim to be re-seated by 11.05 AM

Coffee Break

11:10 AM

TED-Style Talk

Nollywood Can Transform Nigeria

Kene Okwuosa (Co-Founder & CEO, FilmHouse Group and Endeavor Entrepreneur)

11:25 AM

Fireside Chat

The Triumphs and Challenges of Building a Multi-Channel Retail Business in Nigeria

Bukky George (Founder & CEO, HealthPlus and Endeavor Entrepreneur) and Etop Ikpe (Founder & CEO, Cars45 and Endeavor Entrepreneur) in conversation with Anders Einarsson (CEO, Promasidor and Endeavor Mentor)

11:50 AM

TED-Style Talk

Cape Town to Cairo: A Vision for Payments in Africa 

Olugbenga "GB" Agboola (Co-Founder & CEO, Flutterwave and Endeavor Entrepreneur)

12:05 PM

Governor's Remarks

His Excellency, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu

(Governor of Lagos State)

12:15 PM

Chairman's Remarks

His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN, GCON)

(Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Chair, Catalysing Conversations 2019)

12:25 PM

Vote of Thanks

Atedo Peterside (CON)

(Founder & Chairman Anap Business Jets and Chairman, Endeavor Nigeria)

12:35 PM

Networking Hour

Guests are welcome to stay for an hour of networking after the event
Light refreshments will be served

The Prosperity Paradox

"The authors are especially insightful about the catalysing effects of market-creating, behavior-changing and culture-forming innovation on economic development. By investing in market-creating innovations, investors and entrepreneurs inadvertently engage in nation-building.”

Rupert Darwall (Wall Street Journal, January 2019)

Global poverty is one of the world’s most vexing problems. For decades, we’ve assumed smart, well-intentioned people will eventually be able to change the economic trajectory of poor countries. From education to healthcare, infrastructure to eradicating corruption, too many solutions rely on trial and error. Essentially, the plan is often to identify areas that need help, flood them with resources, and hope to see change over time. 

In this new book, Efosa Ojomo, along with his co-authors, Clayton Christensen and Karen Dillon, reveals why so many investments in economic development fail to generate sustainable prosperity, and offers a ground-breaking solution for lasting change. The Prosperity Paradox identifies the limits of common economic development models, which tend to be top-down efforts, and offers a new framework for economic growth based on entrepreneurship and market-creating innovation. 

Using a compelling mix of business history, development economics and storytelling, Christensen, Ojomo, and Dillon cite successful pioneering examples from countries as diverse as the USA (Ford, Eastman Kodak, Singer Sewing Machines), Japan (Toyota, Suzuki), South Korea, (Kia, Samsung) Nigeria (Tolaram, Fyodor Biotechnologies, Lifestores Pharmacy), Rwanda (EarthEnable), Kenya (M-Pesa), India (Arvind Eyecare, Narayana Health), Argentina (Dr Consulta), and Mexico (Group Bimbo, OpticasVer De Verdad).

The Prosperity Paradox lays out an entrepreneurship-led path from poverty to prosperity for many regions across the world.

Copies of the book will be available at the event.


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Board of Directors, Endeavor Nigeria


Atedo Peterside (CON)

Founder & Chairman, Anap Business Jets 
Chairman, Endeavor Nigeria

About Endeavor

Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement in 35 growth markets.

Founded in 1997 on the belief that job creation, innovation, and overall prosperity flourish where there is robust support for high-impact entrepreneurs, Endeavor is leading the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement to drive economic growth and job creation by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. To date, Endeavor has screened more than 70,000 individuals and selected more than 1,900 founders leading over 1,100 scaleup companies.

High-impact entrepreneurs are those with the biggest ideas; the greatest potential to achieve meaningful scale; and the ability to inspire, mentor, and reinvest in the next generation. Successful high-impact entrepreneurs generate a multiplier effect. For ​Endeavor Entrepreneurs​, a carefully curated group of high-impact entrepreneurs, Endeavor offers a best-in-class global seal of approval, an unrivalled personal and professional network, frictionless capital (through Endeavor Catalyst, our pioneering, rules-based global co-investment fund), and peer-to-peer idea exchange in a truly global setting. 

With support from Endeavor’s worldwide mentor network, Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created over 3 million jobs, generate more than $20 billion in revenue each year, and inspire future generations to innovate and take risks, building strong entrepreneurship ecosystems in growth markets. Headquartered in New York City, Endeavor currently operates in 35 growth markets throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. 

Endeavor launched its Nigeria office in Lagos in January 2018, under a partnership with Omidyar Network and with support from 10 local business leaders, who sit on the Nigeria Board of Directors. Endeavor Nigeria selects and supports high-impact entrepreneurs and high-growth scaleup companies that have passed through the initial startup phase and demonstrate the potential for rapid expansion and scale. The Nigeria office currently supports 8 Endeavor Entrepreneurs, leading 6 of the country's most exciting scale-up companies. 

Endeavor also serves as a global thought leader, demonstrating why high-impact entrepreneurship matters and how important innovations can come from anywhere in the world. 

Endeavor’s ultimate aim is a more equitable and prosperous future for everyone.



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