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Guarav Biswas

Founder & CEO


Gaurav is a construction engineer by trade. After earning his bachelor’s at CEPT University in India and his master’s at the University of Dundee in the UK, he spent 12 distinguished years

as an engineering consultant at a pair of large international firms, Arup and AECOM. Gaurav rose quickly, becoming one of AECOM’s youngest directors, and specialized in delivering

high-profile “megaprojects,” such as Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel and Abu Dhabi’s Warner Bros. Theme Park. 

Gaurav lacks prior trucking experience but brims with absolute risk-taking and innovative traits to face and execute changes head-on. He credits the founding of TruKKer to a single lightbulb moment at a dinner party: a friend was constantly stepping out to address a delayed trucking shipment, with no apparent solution – Gaurav, inspired by Uber’s example, determined that there was no reason that trucking couldn’t be on-demand, transparent, and tech-enabled. A few days later, he called his childhood friend and now-CTO, Pradeep, and TruKKer was born.

TruKKer is a Digital Freight Network that integrates Demand & Supply for land freight services. The network is built on real-time data analytics that creates reliability, transparency, and utilization-based savings for Shippers and thousands of transporters. The network’s rapid growth and scale are creating multiple opportunities through data monetization and consolidated procurement.

About Guarav

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