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Ife Oyedele



Ife Oyedele is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Kobo360, Africa’s fastest-growing technology-enabled logistics start-up. Oyedele overseas growth & expansions, as well as technology innovation & product development. He is passionate about incubating and developing innovative IT customer solutions.

He has worked in various capacities with several global brands including Mercedes Benz, Financial Services and the CFI Group USA LLC. In 2016, he combined forces with business partner Obi Ozor to launch Kobo360, and together they are building a Global Logistics Operating System [G-LOS], a blockchain-enabled platform to power trade across the African continent.

In 2020, Oyedele II alongside his co-founder, Obi Ozor, were selected to be a part of Endeavor’s global network of high-impact entrepreneurs.

Kobo is a global e-logistics technology platform connecting and advancing cargo across Africa and beyond. Kobo connects hundreds of thousands of goods producers, haulage providers, drivers and customers, accelerating their businesses and enabling them to track that progress in real-time. Kobo’s on-demand platform, developed to address some of the world’s most challenging transport environments, increases efficiency, expedites delivery and minimises barriers to move you and your business forward. Kobo currently connects more than 50,000 trucks, which have delivered 2.9 Billion tonnes of cargo across 16 African countries since 2017. In 2020 alone, businesses used Kobo to move xx,000 tonnes of cargo, growing by xx% over the previous year. 

Kobo’s mission is to enable and accelerate trade by reducing cost, risk and waste in freight. With operations in seven countries across the African continent, Kobo services customers in 19 markets as it expands to meet demand. Kobo believes in trade, transparency and our collective ability to solve problems. Our services support cargo owners, haulage providers, truck drivers and traders at every stage from securing cargo services, to customs clearance, to providing fuel and finance. 

Kobo’s global investors include Goldman Sachs, Y Combinator, the World Bank’s IFC, AAIC and TLCom Capital. The business has raised over $35m to extend the benefits of its e-logistics technology platform to new markets.

About Ife

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