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Eloho Omame

The Magic of High-Impact Enterpreneurship

Efosa Ojomo

Why Bold Entrepreneurship is the Key to Nigeria's Prosperity

Bukky George, Etop Ikpe & Anders Eniarsson

The Triumphs and Challenges of Building a Multi-Channel Retail Business in Nigeria

Kene Okwuosa

Nollywood Can Transform Nigeria


On September 13, 2019, Endeavor in Nigeria held its inaugural annual scaleup entrepreneurship summit. The goal of the event was to spread the mission of high-impact entrepreneurship, illustrating why entrepreneurs that Think Big, Scale-Up and Pay It Forward are critical for long-term economic transformation.

Pictures from the summit

What happened at Catalysing Conversations 2019?

The event also featured inspiring sessions with four Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Bukky George (HealthPlus), Etop Ikpe (Cars45), GB Agboola (Flutterwave) and Kene Okwuosa (FilmHouse), as they shared compelling journey stories of the triumphs and challenges of navigating scaleup company growth in Nigeria, as well as their visions, to not only Go Big, but to Pay It Forward for the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs.

Drawing from business theories and insights explored in the titular book, Efosa Ojomo (Global Prosperty Lead, Clayton Christensen Institute) illustrated the transformative power of market-creating innovations.

Loved it. Thanks for inviting me. You should this more.

Financial Institution

Head of Finance

Thoughtfully put together. One of the strongest speaker lineups & audiences I’ve seen

Media Group


Well planned and executed. I was really impressed

Venture Capital Fund

Executive Director

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